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I'm a software engineer working at an R&D agency. My favorite technologies to play with include Node.js and JS frameworks like Hapi and Sails. I'm currently working on an e-Commerce platform for a small jewelry business and lots of little side projects. In addition to learning about other languages, I also volunteer with groups like Women Who Code NY and Code and Cupcakes in my free time.

how I got here

I use Evernote, Sublime, notepads, the back of printed handouts, or whatever I can find at the moment to try and keep track of my thoughts or ideas. Sometimes whatever I have at the moment works just fine. However, I started to notice that this was not effective when it came to code.

If I'm coding something or even writing sudo code chances are I'm at my computer. I'm not so hardcore that I have dreams about developing a beautiful algorithm that could change the world and need a Post-it stuck to my head while I sleep. (When I dream about code it's usually in nightmare form, and I'm stuck in an infinite loop or failing the same test over and over again.)

So the problem was I needed a place to keep not just code but coding solutions or even just explorations. Yes, most of the time I can get them into Evernote but I find that I'll jot down a thought or two and then copy and paste multiple code snippets, which is not a well formed idea at all. It would be much better if I actually took the time to formulate whole thoughts and a process which I could follow to get from A to Z again. Plus I missed my syntax highlighting. So someone told me I should just keep a blog and I visibly cringed. I don't really enjoy writing down my thoughts and then sending them out into the world, but that's my problem—a problem I decided I wanted to work on. So here it is! My tech blog.

Disclaimer: I guarantee nothing.

the stack

This blog is built on Jekyll. Jekyll is a static site generator in Ruby using Markdown and Liquid converters to create a ready-to-publish website. You can find the source code here. This particular site is hosted on AWS S3 utilizing Route 53 as a DNS and CloudFront as the CDN. Why you may ask?

Girl AWS Cloud Ninja

Because I'm a trained Cloud Ninja.